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13 Dec, 22

Mineralocity Aggregates December Newsletter

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Launching Mineralocity Aggregates has been deeply satisfying for our team and me. Knowing that we bring cutting-edge technology to the industry fuels our desire to continue innovating and adding value for our clients and partners. Innovation is one of our key core values. When we achieve something amazing, our immediate question becomes, “What can we do better?” And, “How can we add more value for our amazing customers?” Sometimes the answer involves collaboration with other fantastic companies that have the expertise we know you need.

I’m thrilled to announce that Burgex and Mineralocity Aggregates have partnered with Dodge Construction Network to provide our customers with powerful insights into where construction aggregate demand will be in the near future. We have developed a data set that highlights aggregate intensive projects in the early stages of planning so you know in advance where the aggregate will be consumed and can plan accordingly. Whether you are a producer of construction aggregates, or a supplier of products consumed by aggregate producers, you will be able to plan your next steps with confidence using this amazing new information.

Here’s to our mutual success!

Chris Summers
CEO of Burgex Inc.

Where does Mineralocity fit with suppliers?

My History in Sales

I spent the majority of my career in mining, selling specialty chemicals to the mining industry: 38 years in total. In those 38 years, I had the pleasure of working in the aggregate industry for several years, specifically developing greenfield sales territories. You learn quickly that, unlike other mining segments, the aggregate industry is vast in the number of locations. With so many producers and multiple locations it can be a little overwhelming to fully understand your market and focus your efforts.

When I joined Burgex and was introduced to Mineralocity Aggregates, it was presented to me as a great tool for producers and investors. In truth, it is a great tool for anyone associated with the industry. The big value I saw was potential for suppliers. As I will explain here, Mineralocity Aggregates will provide you with a thorough understanding of the aggregate market, from location and production to geology. And there is more to come.

Where Does Mineralocity Aggregates Fit with Suppliers

Let’s start with the basics. By selecting “Crushed Stone Producers” or “Sand and Gravel Producers” you can see more than 7,000 operating mines across the United States. Using the search function, you can search by company, tonnage, etcetera. A heat map shows the density of producers for a given area that will allow you to identify where producers are concentrated.
Mineralocity Aggregates is an incredibly useful tool for analyzing and understanding markets, from sales call planning, the geographical placement of sales representatives or distributors and supply chain planning. This GIS platform will supply your sales and marketing teams with the critical information they need to make smart planning decisions.

If your revenue can be estimated by annual tonnage or rock type or sand and gravel versus crushed stone, you now have a tool with all the information in one place that will allow you to prioritize your sales and marketing efforts. It’s also easier to analyze corporate accounts with Mineralocity Aggregates by use of the search tool with multiple filters: you can segment an account by stone type, production rate, or type of operation. It will give you the market intelligence to tailor your presentations, product offerings, and performance guarantees with greater accuracy and insight into prospects.

How We Are Innovating

Mineralocity Aggregates is only getting better for producers and suppliers. Since our June launch, innovation continues with the GIS and engineering teams at Burgex. We are switching to a new platform after the first of the year to offer better analytics with customizable dashboards. This will also allow data sharing with our strategic partners, and we’re working on new databases to bring more value to our clients and subscribers. Big things are always in the works for Mineralocity Aggregates.

If you would like to learn more about how Mineralocity Aggregates can benefit your sales and marketing teams, please email me directly at and we’ll arrange a time to get together.

Bill Schnieders
Director of Sales & Business Development

Year in Review

We had an incredible 2022: we launched Mineralocity Aggregates after years of development. This platform took thousands of hours to develop, teams of people across multiple organizations, and putting all the data together was orchestrated by our lead GIS developer, Jake Tanner. 

We had a huge response to Mineralocity Aggregates, the premier GIS aggregate platform in the country. Mineralocity Aggregates is getting even better, as we now have Dodge Construction Network data as a new layer. As it gains more recognition, Mineralocity Aggregates is fast becoming the best GIS tool in the market and could someday soon become the industry standard.

Besides launching Mineralocity Aggregates we grew as a company. We hired several key people in sales, marketing, operations, GIS, field crew and others, building an even stronger team.

We attended some outstanding shows across the country and around the world. Some of our favorite shows and events included AME, SME, GSN and PDAC, where we made new friends, learned incredible things, and met many of you! We can’t wait to attend CONEXPO-CON/AGG March 14 through 18 next year at Las Vegas! Look for us at booth N10321 in the North Hall, where we will be giving live demonstrations and answering questions. We look forward to reconnecting with all of you and to a great new year!

Chris Richards